Wool projects and Free patterns

 Wool projects and Free patterns

Hello friends how are you guys doing today we will see wool projects and free patterns. first sorry for the late post from know I will be posting regularly.

So, friends today I will introduce you some of my wool projects and free patterns as winter is around the corner I was working on some projects all these time for me and my family. I will share all the projects and also my weaving tools with you. I am so excited about this post I love weaving. Hope you like this post.

Today I will show you some pictures of the projects and then I will post all those projects how to make them by yourself for you and your family or you can even gift it to your friends or for baby shower and Christmas. 

So, friends without wasting let’s dive into the details

The list of the projects I’m sharing today:

  • Baby Mitten
  • Girls hat
  • Baby Hat
  • Baby hat with visor
  • 4-year-old baby Hat
  • Adult hat
  • Scarf
  • Potholder

All these projects are done by two methods

  1. Loom knitting
  2. Crochet

friends these are very easy patterns which can be made by children also

  1. Baby Mitten – Crochet pattern

    Baby Mitte
    wool projects free patterns
  2. Girls hat – Crochet Pattern

    Girls hat
    Girls hat
  3. Newborn Baby Hat – Loom knit Pattern

    New born baby hat
    baby brim
  4. Newborn Baby Hat with visor – loom knit Pattern

    New born baby hat
    baby hat
  5. 4-year-old baby Hat – Loom Knit Pattern

    4 year old baby hat
    4-year-old baby hat
  6. Adult Hat – Loom Knit Pattern"<yoastmark
  7. Adult Hat with Visor – Loom Knit Pattern"<yoastmark
  8. Scarf – Loom Knit Pattern

  9. Potholder – Loom Knit Pattern


I used a round loom for the above projects and also crochet hooks.

My weaving toolkit:

  1. Round Loom Kit
    round loom kit
    round loom kit

    if you want to buy round loom kit click here

  2. Rectangle loom
    Rectangle loom
    Rectangle loom

    and also you want to buy rectangle loom click here

  3. Crochet Hook
    crochet hooks
    crochet hooks

    if you want to buy crochet hooks click here

Note: If you guys are interested in buying any of the above items let me know in Instagram

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So, friends hope you like the post and which project you like the most let me know in comments. If you like the post share with your friends and family.

Thank You

Be Happy Be Healthy….


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