4 Tools to start and grow successful blog

4 Tools to start and grow successful blog

Hello, friends welcome to Follow Steps. I’m you Host Siri. Today I want to share with you guys 4 Tools to start and grow successful blog in my last post I share few tools. But today I want to share some more tools which will start a blog and also grow a successful blog.

In this blog post, I’ll share my top used tools, plugins, and software. Hoping, maybe I can help you to set your blog and grow.

So, friends let’s get started

Before we get into our topic I want to mention some point


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4 Tools to start and grow successful blog
4 Tools to start and grow successful blog

So, Friends lets proceed:

4 Tools to start and grow successful blog

1st WordPress

WordPress to build your blog! It’s the ‘home’ of it all, but you need hosting and design before you go live to make it work. WordPress is what I use to build my website. I’ve built many websites in the past before I designed this one that you see today. I started off with a Wix website because it seemed easier and cheaper. However, I quickly outgrew that website and slowly made my way to using WordPress. One lesson I want to share all is: try to build your website on a platform you see yourself using in next 5 years! Instead of first building it on something easy and eventually graduating to something better, just start with the better option so you don’t waste as much time and money switching everything over in the future! I learned that the hard way

Click here Download WordPress.org WordPress.org

2nd Google Analytics

Honestly, Google Analytics is like the heart of your blog besides your beautiful face and ground-breaking content. Blogging isn’t always about the numbers, but it’s important to know your stats, what social media sites bring you the most page views, and what your audience loves reading on your blog. I love using Google Analytics to see exactly what works for my blog and audience as well as what areas could I improve on. We also have a Google Analytics plugin in WordPress.

For free Google Analytics click here


I use Evernote for All of my post ideas, product ideas, and notes having anything to do with my business go in here. use it to organize notes from meetings, webinars, and courses. I even use it for personal notes.

All I do is click on the Evernote Chrome Extension, select screenshot, and I can edit in arrows, text, all kinds of things! Then it gets saved into my Evernote.

I can access my notes on my phone or tablet too.

Cost: Free or upgrade to various plans between $34.99 and $120.00 per year per user.

I also use it to store and sort all my business expenses receipts. Evernote has a pretty awesome free account. I used it free for some time until I needed the Premium account features. The big feature for me was the number of new uploads per month you were allowed. In the free account, you’re capped out at 1GB and that simply wasn’t enough anymore as I grew!

Evernote Premium: $69.99/year

Click here For free Evernote 

4th Canva

I make the majority of my Instagram, Pinterest, blog, and YouTube Thumbnail images with an online tool Canva. It’s similar to Adobe Cloud, except its free and easier to use.  Canva is hands down my favorite graphic design tool for blogging and is highly recommended in the blogging world. While I mainly use Canva for my social media accounts, there are plenty of sizes for any other project that you need to create something for, such as a Facebook banner, business cards, content upgrades, eBook covers, or flyers. You can totally go ahead and spend the money to pay for other programs, such as Adobe Cloud or Photoshop, but it’s an unnecessary cost since Canva does the same thing for free! (It contains free and paid versions) in the paid version, you can access some paid images and use your own font. For me, the free version is working great.

For free Canva Click Here

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