How to start a Blog – Beginners Guide

How to start a Blog – Beginners Guide

Hello, friends are you wondering How to start a Blog? I’m so glad you’re here! My goal is to explain the necessary steps to get off to a good and successful blog start, no technical experience required. This is the site I wish I had when I started my blog for the first time.

how to start a blog beginners guide
how to start a blog beginners guide

When I created my first blog it took me days to figure it out. (just say I searched entire google until I almost lost my eyeballs) this article contains what I learned along my way of blogging. This article is for those who want step by step instructions to start a successful blog.

Why start a blog?

  • Making Money online working on your own time: I first started my blog to make money. Now I earn my full-time income with blogging.
  • Get exposed to your business: A blog gives anyone–from individuals to large companies–the ability to reach a large number of people at very little cost.
  • Just Writing: If you want to write about your hobbies, experiences in particular niche or share your stories.

If you see yourself in any one of these. Then get ready to start and run a blogging business.

Basics need to start a blogging Business

  1. Ask a question why you want to write a blog

  • To create a full-time income
  • It’s just a time pass
  • To just share your story
  • Many of us are doing it for the full-time income and it’s their passion. If you are one of them make sure you plan properly before starting.
  1. Select a niche to blog about:

  • select a niche in which you are good at, the niche in which you can establish yourself, let’s say you are good at playing football write about it.
  • But remember to select a topic that has plenty to talk about.
  • Write about something you enjoy, if you are not interested in your topic you can’t attract readers.
  1. Knowing your Audience

  • Know your audience
  • Interact with them ask them what they are expecting
  • Do a good research on your niche.
  1. Create Content

  • Before launching a Blogging Business write the article
  • Create 10 to 15 articles about your niche
  • Keep a handful of articles so that you should not worry about content.
  1. Select a Domain name

  • Select a domain name which suits your niche.
  • should be easy to say and spell.
  • short and sweet.
  • consider using your name.

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So, Friends, these are the basic steps you need to start a blog. Hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any question and comments please feel free to comment in comments section

I will post how to start a blog? step by step with WordPress installation How to post the first post so stay connected

Thank You

Be Happy Enjoy Life….

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