Do I need to have a Niche


Hello, friends welcome to follow steps I’m your Host, Siri. I’m so glad you’re here! My goal is to explain my point of view on the most asked question, Do I need to have a Niche?

Do I Need To Have a Niche
Do I Need To Have a Niche

We all know there is so much information out there about blogging. But one question that seems to be not answered all the time is:  Is it okay to not have a niche blog? Or Do I need to have a Niche?

My answer to this question is No you don’t need to have a Niche to blog.

First of all, let’s see what is a niche?

A niche refers to creating a blog for a specific and targeted market. It is basically a specific problem that you help solve for a specific group of people.

The logic is that if you narrow your scope to only a very small demographic (For example, a blog that focuses on digital photography. Or, a women’s maternity fashion blog. Or, a cooking blog), you’ll be able to make your marketing more targeted and with this you are making your work harder.

Which will create problems like:


  • Content Fatigue: The biggest problem with a focused blog or Niche is quickly you will burn out your topics for good content. when you pick a narrow niche, you will run out of the topics very quickly.
  • You Might Get Bored: If you’re like me, a niched down blog will become a problem. You get bored, which leads to the low-quality content or no content at all.


Finding a niche for your potential business is just a bad advice. I say it this way because people change, as do the niches they belong to don’t you think.

Say it as if your business is to reach a young, new mom looking after their kids and taking care tips, what happens when their kids grow up? Then Your market disappears and your blog eventually losses the traffic and stats.

The truth is most successful business people and bloggers never picked their niche. That’s because niches are uncovered over time.

Don’t you believe me? See the most popular blogs like pro blogger they never choose a niche. But they make a fantastic living from their writing and they never chose a niche.

But blogging is all about the passion and purpose, by the way, these two are cultivated by yourself but not found.

To me, the most important aspect of blogging is passion it is like You have to want to blog. You have to enjoy the process and continue to want to blog. Otherwise, you’ll get bored and sick of blogging. If you don’t love it, you’ll quit eventually.

So, instead of choosing a niche alternatively you can do these things:

Tell your story:

If you can tell your story in a compelling way, you’ll never need a niche. You’ll just naturally attract people who relate to your journey.

Talk about your Interests which will connect the people who ever love that will follow you. One person can have multiple interests and hobbies.


Tell about your lifestyle in a compelling way, as if you are sharing your lifestyle with your dear one, then you will need a niche. then you will naturally attract people who relate to your journey.

Create your mark: 

It’s hard to stand out if you sound like everyone else. So, reveal your personality in your writing it will reach to your audience for sure. 

Create great Quality First:

You’re a writer now, and your job is to make an amazing blog post. Your only promise to your audience is that you’ll be interesting, and valuable to them and you have to deliver that.

After creating your content and establishing your blog promote your blog focus on SEO, Email Marketing take it to reach the audience so that you can get traffic which is most important than everything else to successful blog.

Do your best work:

There is no substitute for doing great work. Increase your consistency and productivity. Love your work whatever you are doing do it with your heart. The work you do with your passion and love it will sure payback.

If you follow above things it will never fail, you or your blog.

Of course, whatever you choose, it takes hard work and dedication. As long as you’re passionate, you can find the right approach that works for you. Just know that a niche blog doesn’t have to be the only path.

Whether you choose to have a niche or not, you can create a successful blog.

We all start from “zero”. No one starts out with followers, or page views. We are all learning as we travel a path, and we all have to make our own path; however, we choose. That’s why I hope to always be someone that helps and encourages my visitors. Because really, we’re all in this together and our time is valuable. 

So, these are my points on the most debated topic of Do I need to have a Niche. Which helped me in creating my blog. I hope it will help you just as it did for me. So, I think With that, you should be good to go and start your blog. good luck.

If you still don’t have a blog, then start building it now. right away. Don’t overthink, JUST DO IT. Everything else will come in line as you move forward, but it won’t until you take your first step. My advice is to take a deep breath and start building your blog. If you have any other question I’m here to help you contact me

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