How to Make Ginger Chutney

How to Make Ginger Chutney

Hi Friends, today I want to share with you guys traditional South Indian Recipe, Ginger Chutney. hope you like this recipe.
Ginger chutney is good to consume during the monsoon and winters as it keeps the body warm. To make the Chutney, I have used Tamarind and red chili just got healthier in this way. The traditional South Indian recipe with Ginger
You can serve Chutney as an accompaniment for Idly and Dosa, or you can combine some of it over snacks like Uttapam to give a tongue-tickling flavor.
So, friends let get started

Ginger Chutney
Ginger Chutney


• Ginger – 50-60 grams.
• Oil – 2 tablespoons.
• Dry red chilies – 6-8 numbers.
• Jagger – 20-25 grams.
• Tamarind – 5 grams.
• Salt – to taste.
• Split Black gram – 1/2 tea spoon.
• Split Bengal gram – 1/2 tea spoon.


• Peel of ginger and cut into pieces.
• Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan and add ginger and cook it for 5 Min.
• Now add dry red chilies, Jagger, tamarind, salt and saute it.
• Leave it a side for some time
• Now transfer into a blender and blend into smooth paste and transfer into a bowl.
• Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan and add Split Black gram, Split Bengal gram and saute it, later add it to ginger chutney.
•So, friends serve Ginger Chutney with Idly, Dosa or any of your favorite south Indian Breakfast.

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So, friends try this delicious South Indian recipe Ginger Chutney and let me know your comments. If you like the post share with your friends and family.

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