How to Loom Knit Bag Holder

How to Loom Knit Bag Holder

Hello, Friends welcome to Follow steps I’m your host, Siri. Today I will show you How to Loom Knit Bag Holder.
We are going to use the loom knit E wrap knit stitch for the knitting the Bag Holder this pattern is very easy anyone can make this Bag Holder following the simple pattern. This pattern is a great pattern for Beginners. I think it’s classic and casual. so, friends today I will show you How to Loom Knit Bag Holder

Loom Knit Bag Holder
Loom Knit Bag Holder

so, friends today I will show you

  • How to do the E wrap knit stitch
  • cast on Bag Holder using E wrap knit stitch
  • loom knit Bag Holder
  • how to Cast off Bag Holder

In the video below you will have the step by step procedure for loom knitting a Bag Holder

So, friends let’s get started

Material required for Loom Knit Bag Holder.

Things needed

24 pegs Round loom,

loom Hook,

the yarn I’m using multicolor yarn in the video.

I will show you the cast on and E wrap Knit Stitch and also Cast-off of Bag Holder

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Things I’m using

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Loom needle:


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Thank You

Happy loom knitting…

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