How to do the Chain Cast-on

How to do the Chain Cast-on

Hello, friends welcome to Follow steps I’m your host, Siri. Today we will see How To Do The Chain cast-on. I love this Cast-on – the Chain Cast-On or Crochet Cast-On.  It looks just like the usual knit bind-off and slips stitch selvedges. The Chain cast on is the easiest method on the round loom. So, friends today I will show you How to do the chain cast-on by step with video

let’s get started.

Things required:

any loom, loom Hook, Crochet Hook yarn I’m using round loom

I’m using Red Heart Yarn

we’ll show you the cast on and purl stitch for beginners.

Slip Knot:

This is generally what we do first, we’re going to make a slipknot.

Take a yarn wrap around your fingers back over the front back over again and pull through.

there’s our Slipknot put it on the first peg

you can work from the left to right, right to left

make sure to look at your pattern we’re going to work counterclockwise

Chain Cast-On
Chain cast on

The Chain Cast-on

Now take your crochet hook here I’m using a size F because it fits in between my pegs we are going to take our crochet hook push back on the working yarn to go inside the loom then we’re going to come around and guide the yarn between the second & the third peg grab the working yarn just turn your hook catch it to pull it through the loop

we are going to do it again

using crochet hook grab your working strand between the pegs and pull it through the loop Continue the chain cast-on for your projects desire length.

When you reach your length place the loop on your next peg

Now turn around and continue your knitting

Here I’m showing you the E wrap Knitting in the video

So, Friends as I said I will share a video also here it is

so Friends hoping the post was helpful.

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Things I’m using

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Loom needle:


Crochet Hook:

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Crochet Hook:


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So, Friends try this Chain Cast-on and let me know which works for you and if you like the post please share it with your family and friends.

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